Wednesday, 22nd March 2023
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P.I.E. π

Publication Integrity and Ethics is an organisation which was developed over a decade ago but only launched recently (14th Nov 2013). Its mission is to establish an ethical publishing environment, to address the main areas of concern in the editorial sector and to promote real editorial freedom among publishers. PIE along with its council, assists editors, authors and publishers to define, understand and achieve the best practice in the ethics of the publishing environment.

An organisation that paves the way for a better publishing and editorial ethical environment is a necessity in present times, when any breach in the ethical practice code leaves behind injured parties. PIE is such an organisation; it has formed around its own online community of editors, authors, publishers and peer-reviewers of journals. It is an organisation which collects information and distributes the knowledge related to the ethical conduct in the publishing area of expertise. The PIE mission is to ensure that the main representatives of the publishing environment are well represented and have a proper way of contacting each other while dealing with infringements if it is the case. The Publication Integrity and Ethics therefore signals the way for a better publishing ethical environment through its PIE guidelines, and the code of conduct for editors, authors, peer-reviewers and publishers.

Head and Neck Optical Diagnostics and Intervention Society (HNODIS) have adopted the Publication Integrity & Ethics Guidelines. This includes:

  General P.I.E. Guidelines - Download (PDF)

  P.I.E. Guidelines for Authors - Download (PDF)

  P.I.E. Guidelines for Reviewers - Download (PDF)

  P.I.E. Guidelines for E.B. members - Download (PDF)

  P.I.E. Guidelines for Editors-in-Chief - Download (PDF)

  P.I.E. Guidelines for Publishers - Download (PDF)

  P.I.E. Guidelines on Practice-Specific Issues - Download (PDF)

  P.I.E. General Code of Conduct - Download (PDF)

  General P.I.E. Guidelines: Research integrity and ethics - Download (PDF)

  P.I.E. Guidelines: Ethical boundaries in human research - Download (PDF)

  P.I.E. Guidelines: Ethical boundaries in animal research - Download (PDF)

  P.I.E. Guidelines: Standard ethical practice in clinical research - Download (PDF)

  P.I.E. Guidelines: Clinical trials code of practice, conduct and reporting - Download (PDF)

  P.I.E. Guidelines: Research Ethics Committee review of human-related research - Download (PDF)