Friday, 7th October 2022
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Photodynamic therapy

Ultrasound-guided interstitial photodynamic therapy Ultrasound examination of a T1N0M0 SCC tongue Ultrasound image showing base of tongue tumour Ultrasound image showing vascular malformation Ultrasound image showing needle insertion in the haemangioma Administration of photosensitive drug Principal of photodynamic therapy PDT-Local anaesthesia PDT-interstitial treatment PDT-interstitial treatment-perioperative scan Photosensitivity reactions-mild Photosensitivity reactions-severe PDT-premalignant/malignant lesions PDT- cutaneous lesion PDT-malignant lesion PDT-interstitial Naso-endoscopy guided interstitial photodynamic therapy MRI Guided interstitial photodynamic therapy Interstitial PDT of malformation of the forearm Interstitial PDT of chondrosarcoma of the hyoid bone Significant facial swelling after surface illumination-PDT Treatment of nodular BCC with surface illumination-PDT Ultrasound-guided interstitial photodynamic therapy of peri-carotid disease Ultrasound image showing 3 level II metastatic cervical lymph nodes Interstitial photodynamic therapy of parotid disease Post-PDT MRI image of cystic hygroma Pre- and Post-PDT MRI of base of tongue squamous cell carcinoma 3D-arteriogram of the lower leg showing haemangioma post-iPDT Healing of 3rd degree skin burn following inadvertent sun exposure Mode of light delivery Multi-array treatment of ultrasound guided needles Pre- and Post-PDT MRI of the right posterior-lateral and base of tongue squamous cell carcinoma The patient had complete response in the treatment area Accidental sun exposure 2 weeks post-PDT