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The Innsbruck Medical University PDT-Laser Training and Safety Course

(Acquire the knowledge and the necessary skills to perform PDT and laser surgery)
The "Innsbruck Medical University PDT-Laser Training and Safety Course" took place on Tuesday 10th May 2011, at Innsbruck Medical University , Innsbruck.

    Course Organisers : Colin Hopper, Waseem Jerjes, Herwig Kostron
    Course Faculty: Colin Hopper, Waseem Jerjes, Charles Alexander Mosse, Alexis Sidoroff, Katharina Russe-Wilflingseder

The aim of this half-day course was to cover the important aspects of PDT and CO2 laser application in clinical setting and PDT and laser safety.
It aimed to provide an excellent foundation to clinicians planning to practice PDT and laser surgery as well as experienced users.

    British Medical Laser Association
    International Photodynamic Association
    European Platform for Photodynamic Medicine
    British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
    British Association of Otorhinolaryngologists


    The target audience was clinicians who are from Plastics, Otolaryngology, Oral and Maxillofacial and Surgical Dermatology backgrounds and was mainly aimed at ablative techniques and cosmetic indication.
    Clinicians of different grades and specialties who have special interest in this area were also welcomed, including PDT and laser users in research establishments.

Course format

    The course represented as lectures given during the course and hands-on experience in PDT and CO2 lasers.
    All delegates were provided with a set of comprehensive course notes. Certification was issued upon successful completion of the program.

Course Content
- Lecture: Core of Knowledge and Safety of PDT and Lasers (Charles Alexander Mosse)
- Lecture: Clinical Applications of PDT and Lasers (Colin Hopper, Waseem Jerjes)
- Workshop: PDT (Colin Hopper, Charles Alexander Mosse and Alexis Sidoroff)
- Workshop: CO2 Laser (Waseem Jerjes, Colin Hopper and Katharina Russe-Wilflingseder))
- Case presentation 1: The Use of Lasers in Dermatology (Alexis Sidoroff)
- Case presentation 2: The Use of Lasers in Plastic Surgery (Katharina Russe-Wilflingseder)
- Case Presentation 3: The Use of Lasers in the Oropharyngeal Region (Colin Hopper)
- Case Presentation 4: The Use of PDT in the Head and Neck Region (Waseem Jerjes)
Objectives of the Course
At the end of the study day, it was anticipated that all participants will feel comfortable with PDT and laser safety aspects and the practical use of PDT and CO2 laser in clinical setting.