Head and Neck Optical Diagnostics and Intervention Society

The International Society of Minimally Invasive Diagnostics and Therapy

Saturday, 13th July 2024

Welcome to the Head & Neck Optical Diagnostics and Intervention Society (HNODIS, the old HNODS)

The main aim of the society is to encourage the collaboration between clinicians and scientists for the benefits of patients. We have focused on the head and neck because of the particular challenges posed by disease at this site. While many of the techniques we use are applicable to other anatomical sites, we feel that the head and neck merits special attention rather than just being subsumed into larger more general forums. That is not to say we will work in isolation but rather we will interact with other specialist organisations where appropriate.

We are mindful of the large number of meetings, societies and journals, but feel that the head and neck is something of a Cinderella speciality, with little diagnostic or therapeutic innovation and that now is the time to take advantage of the many technological advances that will have a major impact on the way we diagnose and manage head and neck diseases.

Finally, we aim to encourage international collaboration. The Society will provide a forum for exchange of ideas and experience and also help develop networks that will be able to attract major funding from grant giving bodies.