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Sunday, 3rd December 2023

Code of Ethics - Concern about BioMed Central

Whilst conducting an internal investigation with regards to the allegations made by BioMed central against Head and Neck Oncology, the Editors-in-Chief of Head and Neck Oncology (the journal) have discovered a number of apparent major irregularities. The question of misrepresentation has also arisen. In order to maintain the integrity of Head and Neck Oncology (the journal), we have taken the decision to re-launch the journal from another publishing house with immediate effect and are currently conducting a detailed investigation. We will pass on relevant findings to the PIE organization and our legal advisors. The results of our investigation will be posted in the public domain. We will inform all concerned parties of the results of our investigation including authors, reviewers, editorial board members and members of the Head and Neck Optical Diagnostics Society and others as we deem appropriate and within our legal rights. If you are an author who has published in Head and Neck Oncology or anyone with a similar concern, please contact us at Head_and_Neck_Oncology@oapublishinglondon.com.
Declaration of HNODS: this statement was made by the Editors-in-Chief of Head and Neck Oncology. Statements of fact or opinion are the responsibility of the editors alone and do not represent the opinions, policies, or position of the HNODS. HNODS disclaims any responsibility or liability for such material.



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Jerjes W. Evidence-based analysis: The rise and fall of Head and Neck Oncology I: the audit and subsequent investigations. Head Neck Oncol 2014 Aug 05;6(4):33. (Download PDF)